Payments and Fees  

Attitude fees are to be paid on a monthly basis, the fees are spread over a 12 month period.  Fees must be fully paid before classes commence. If fees are not paid your child will not be allowed to take part in class.
Standing Orders: One month’s fees in cash must be paid upfront to enable the standing order to be set up with your bank the following month. 

Cheques will incur a £1 fee per cheque.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to cancel the standing order if the student decides to leave Attitude Dance Group as Attitude does not hold any bank/account details.
The Owner of Attitude Dance Group must be given a months notice if a student wishes to leave.

Fees/Holidays will be reviewed annually in January.


After attending the dance group for one month students are expected to wear the correct Attitude dance uniform to every class.

Uniforms are available from Attitude Studio. Payments must be made up front before orders are sent. Attitude has a range of uniforms in stock that can be tried on to ensure correct size.  If you order any merchandise in the wrong size postage and packaging for the return of the item will be payable. 

For health and safety purposes appropriate trainers must be worn.

Annual Show
For our Annual show students will be required to pay a costume hire fee.  There will be no refunds if your child is unable to take part in the show.


Mobile phones are not to be used during class and any student found using a mobile phone during class will have the phone confiscated and returned to them at the end of the class. No photos or video recordings are allowed throughout the studio.

We advise that students do not bring any valuables (i.e. phones, jewellery etc) with them to class. Attitude do not accept any liability for lost or damaged belongings.

Attitude Dance Group aim to provide a high standard of street dance training.  In order to do this fun and discipline play a key role.  If we feel that any student is being disruptive on a regular basis we will issue a verbal warning and parents will be informed, if it continues it may result in exclusion from the school.  Unacceptable behaviour such as swearing, fighting, bullying or using derogatory comments will also not be tolerated and any such behaviour may also result in exclusion from the school.  It is at the owners discretion to make these decisions.



Attitude Dance Group will be closed 8 weeks throughout the year. Holiday timetables are available at the studio or can be viewed online at www.attitudedancegroup.co.uk


Consent/Medical Information/Data Protection

All students/parents/guardians must complete a consent/medical form. If any information changes  Attitude Dance Group must be informed . Parents must also inform the owner if the student has any additional needs/medical conditions or advise of any relevant information about the safeguarding of the student or other students.

All information held by Attitude Dance Group is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and any personal information you have provided will be used solely for the purpose of providing medical/contact information for the duration of the dance group, retained securely by the dance instructor and will be destroyed after it has served this purpose. 


Drop Off/Collection of Students

Students to be at class no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class starting.  Any primary school aged students must be accompanied by an adult to the studio.  If a parent/guardian drops their child on their own to the studio early whilst other classes are running please be aware that the dance teacher is not responsible for them during this time.

Any students still in primary school will need one parent/guardian (who is 18yrs+) to come to the studio main entrance to collect their child at the end of class.  The class teacher needs to see a parent/guardian collecting their child.  The assistant helpers are not responsible for bringing your child to the top entrance of the Studio.  If your child is in secondary school and you are happy for them to leave class by themselves, this is fine to continue.